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Sparking Global Innovation, Empowering Startups

Welcome to Ignition, where the future of innovation is forged in the dynamic Vodafone Power Lab.
Our mission is to transform innovative solutions into tangible businesses.

This program serves to leverage revolutionary solutions, inviting startups to immerse themselves in an environment designed to accelerate their growth and success.

Join us for the exclusive Vodafone Power Lab’s start-up program and an exciting pitch event, where startups compete for the opportunity to turn their visions into reality, reach their full potential, and leave a lasting impact on the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business.

Unlock your Startup's Potential with Ignition. By applying to Ignition by Vodafone Power Lab, you position your startup for accelerated growth, gain access to valuable resources, and create opportunities with Vodafone and its partners to make a significant impact in several key innovation areas. This program seeks innovative startups that focus on crucial areas for the future of technology and business, including:

Ignition offers startups unparalleled opportunities with Vodafone and its partners. RTP, Portugal's leading public media company, will be our partner, ensuring greater audience reach and significant exposure for the program. Here's what you can expect from us:

Ignition Program


What are the eligibility criteria to participate in the Ignition by Vodafone Power Lab?

To participate, startups must be legally established and offer innovative technological solutions in the specified areas. Terms and conditions available here.

How can I register my startup for the competition?

Apply here!

What are the important deadlines to consider during the program process?

Deadlines include the final application deadline, dates of selection phases, the bootcamp and demo day. Check the all dates highlighted on the timeline, here!

What are the benefits of participating in the Igniton by Vodafone Power Lab?

The benefits include media exposure, networking opportunities, expert mentoring, co-working space, potential strategic partnerships with leading companies. Check the all benefits here.

Is there any cost associated with participating in the program?

No, participation in the Ignition by Vodafone Power Lab is free of charge.

Who are the judges evaluating startups during the selection phases?

Judges will consist of industry experts, representatives from Vodafone and program partners.

How will the final pitch event be conducted, and how will the winners be selected?

The Pitch Day will be an opportunity for startups to present their projects developed during the program to a panel of judges. The winners will be selected based on the criteria established in the regulations. Check here.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us!


The journey through Ignition by Vodafone Power Lab program to Demo Day is an immersive experience designed to to nurture and propel startups to success.

Timeline Ignition

The journey continues with the development and implementation of pilots in collaboration with Vodafone and program partners, fostering ongoing growth and innovation within the startup ecosystem.


Get to know the strategic partners that support Ignition by Vodafone Power Lab.


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For more information, please refer the program regulations by clicking here.
In addition, you can access our detailed Privacy Policy here to understand how we handle and protect your data.

Ignition is organized by Vodafone Power Lab built by imatch

Vodafone Power Lab is a part of Vodafone Portugal dedicated to strengthening the innovation ecosystem by connecting technology-based startups to the different business areas of Vodafone and its partners.

imatch is a collaborative innovation consultancy and innovation partner of Vodafone Portugal.