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Visiting Portugal

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Stay connected like a local

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If you are planning a trip to Portugal, consider buying a prepaid SIM card as it is easy and affordable. Access Vodafone’s 5G mobile network to stay connected during your stay and save international roaming charges. Have a look at our useful tips and information on prepaid mobile and internet SIM cards for tourists.

In a few steps choose online our voice and data plans available both in eSIM and SIM cards and receive them in your email (eSIM) or at your arrival (SIM).

Voice and data plans, ready to use

Vodafone Travellers
To talk and browse during your stay.

Mobile data

10 GB
To use in Portugal and roaming in EEA and UK


500 min/SMS
To use in Portugal and roaming in EEA and UK

International Minutes/SMS

50 min./SMS*

for 30 days


SIM Card

If you choose eSIM, please make sure your device is compatible with eSIM technology.

Vodafone Go Total
For all your internet needs.

Mobile data

All traffic included
To use in Portugal

  If you need more days just top-up

    €10     Valid for 5 days

    €15     Valid for 10 days

    €20     Valid for 15 days

    €30     Valid for 25 days


for 30 days


SIM Card

If you choose eSIM, please make sure your device is compatible with eSIM technology.

* From Portugal to EU and UK, USA, Canada, Angola, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, Cape Verde, Guinea, Morocco, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe.

Will visit Portugal? It's easy to get an eSIM

1. Choose the plan

Choose the plan that you will need. None of our prepaid plans are tied to a contract.

2. Receive in your email

Buy online and receive it in your email.

3. Ready to use

Check if your device is compatible with eSIM techonology follow the instalation steps and start using your plan as you arrive in Portugal.

4. Stay connected

Stay connected anywhere you go and enjoy your stay

Details about Vodafone SIM cards

Know more about Vodafone Travellers

This SIM card is ready to use and gives you access to national and international communications and a data plan for a 30-day period.
If you run out of minutes/SMS, data or wish to use other communications not included in the plan, you can top up to unlock extra communications at the following prices:

  • Additional data: €1,99/100 MB, valid for 5 days.
  • Additional national SMS: 18,29 cents/message.
  • Videocalls : 49,06 cents/minute (Vodafone); 98,99 cents/minute (other networks).
  • National MMS: 52,72 cents/message.
  • International communications not included: standard prices (for more information here, in Portuguese).

To subscribe to other products and services or get additional information please go to a Vodafone Store, visit, or call +351 911691200 (mobile network charges apply), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Roaming conditions

While in the European Economic Area (EEA) -  which includes European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway - and the UK - voice, SMS, mobile data, MMS and videocall communications will be billed according to the Vodafone Travellers conditions in Portugal.

  • 500 mins/SMS included to Mobile and Fixed national communications and while roaming in the EEA and the UK.
  • 10 GB of mobile data included in Portugal and while roaming in the EEA and the UK. 

Standard tariff conditions to out of bundle communications will be applied after the initial 30 days. Inbound calls will be free of charge. Communication from cruises, airplanes and satellites are not included.

 If, over the last four months’ average, both the Roaming consumption and the number of roaming days in the EEA and the UK exceeds the consumption and the number of days in Portugal and other countries outside EEA and the UK (> 50%), Vodafone may apply the following surcharges to the EEA and the UK traffic (excl. VAT):

  • €0,0022/min, for outbound calls, with charging done at 30+1 seconds.
  • €0,004/SMS, per SMS sent.
  • €0,0018/MB, for mobile data with charging per KB.

For any additional information about your destination or associated costs follow this Link.

Know more about Vodafone Go Total

Prepaid mobile broadband solution for tablet, PC or hotspot/router with no monthly fee or commitment.

The Vodafone Go Total is a tariff plan with all traffic included with each top-up. Each top-up gives you access to days of internet usage, which vary according to the amount you top up.

To be able to surf the internet anywhere with your mobile broadband, you need a device (hotspot, tablet or pc) and a data SIM card with the pre-paid tariff plan.

Check how many days of internet are available until the next top-up using My Vodafone App. You can also send a free SMS with the word "GO" to 1277 to find out when your top-up will expire.

Vodafone Go Total does not allow Roaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase a prepaid SIM card or eSIM in Portugal?

You can buy a prepaid mobile SIM card or eSIM in Portugal on the Vodafone website or at an authorized Vodafone store.

Where can I find virtual eSIM or SIM cards for tourists in Portugal?

You can find eSIMs or SIM cards for tourists in Portugal on the Vodafone website or at Vodafone kiosks in the airport. Vodafone offers tourist SIM cards with prepaid plans and mobile internet options.

What is the main difference between an eSIM and a traditional mobile SIM card when using Vodafone's prepaid plans?

An eSIM is a virtual SIM integrated into your device, while a physical mobile SIM card requires manual insertion into your device. The eSIM can be installed before your trip, whereas a physical mobile SIM needs to be collected from one of the Vodafone stores.

What are the advantages of using a prepaid mobile SIM card in Portugal?

Using a prepaid mobile SIM card or eSIM in Portugal include having full control over your mobile phone expenses, avoiding surprises on your bill, and the ability to use high-speed mobile internet anywhere in Portugal.

How can I activate my Vodafone prepaid mobile SIM in Portugal?

To activate your Vodafone prepaid mobile chip in Portugal, you need to insert it into your phone and follow the instructions provided by Vodafone.

Is it easy to find Vodafone retail locations in Portugal?

Yes, it's easy to find Vodafone retail locations in Portugal. We have stores throughout the country, as well as mobile phone kiosks at airports and train stations. You can also purchase a Vodafone prepaid mobile SIM card online through the company's website.

If you're planning a trip to Portugal and intend to buy a visitor's mobile plan, having a physical SIM card or a eSIM is essential for seamless communication and making the most of your stay. We will guide you through everything you need to know about Vodafone's mobile chips in Portugal, from how to purchase them to the best options for American and Canadian travelers.

A prepaid SIM card is a popular choice for tourists looking to avoid high international roaming fees. With a prepaid SIM card or a virtual eSIM, you can select the data and minutes plan that best suits your demands and you can recharge it as needed. Vodafone is one of the most popular providers for eSIMs and prepaid SIM cards in Portugal, offering you a wide range of affordable plans.

Upon arriving in Portugal, you can purchase a mobile SIM card at any Vodafone store. Vodafone also offers the option to buy a physical SIM card online and pick it up at a physical store or purchase your virtual eSIM online and receive it in your email.

Vodafone provides a special SIM card option for tourists in Portugal, which includes 5G mobile data, voice minutes, and text messages. Tourist SIM cards are available in various sizes to fit any mobile phone model.

If you prefer the convenience of having a mobile SIM card before arriving in Portugal, Vodafone offers you the option to purchase online and collect it at Vodafone kiosks inside the airports or you can buy an eSIM (virtual SIM) and have it delivered to your email. This way, you will arrive in the country with your mobile chip already activated and ready to use.

Vodafone offers mobile internet plans for tourists in Portugal, with different data options and connection speeds.

In a nutshell, having a mobile SIM in Portugal is essential if you are looking to communicate easily. Vodafone offers you a wide range of affordable options for prepaid SIM cards, tourist SIM cards, or virtual eSIM, making your experience in Portugal even more convenient. So, make sure you get your Vodafone mobile chip and make the most of your trip!