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Press Releases

Interconnection between Vodafone Telecel and OniWay

Lisboa, 13 November 2002 – Following Anacom’s decision of September 24 and further meetings with this institution, Vodafone Telecel has decided to grant interconnection to OniWay, which will happen within 7 days.

Vodafone Telecel tried to settle the matter right after the said decision by Anacom, by immediately sending an interconnection contract to OniWay, which didn’t came to effect since it was not accepted by them.

In subsequent meetings with Anacom it became clear that the concerns expressed by Vodafone Telecel in the proposed contract will be followed through by the Regulating entity, what assured Vodafone Telecel of the minimum conditions for placing the interconnection.

It is worth mentioning that Vodafone Telecel considers to be in the right in all this process and that it will continue to defend its legally protected rights and interests in the competent institutions, reserving the right to make any decisions as soon as these institutions announce their own.