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Vodafone offers English customer assistance through the following means

  • Assistance line 16912 – Available 24/7, to answer all your questions on Vodafone products, services and bills. To speak to an assistant, please select “zero” (applicable rate in force charged).; 
  • E-mail – Please send us an email using the form available here;
  • Social media – Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Forum for information, support and offers;
  • My Vodafone – Offers access to several Vodafone service features, such as: viewing bills, checking use of the service so far and others.

FAQs on voice tariffs

When should I top up my pay-as-you-go phone? 

  • Tariffs with mandatory top-ups: Please top up your pay-as-you-go phone before the top-up deadline runs out, or whenever you have used up your available minutes and want to continue to make phone calls;
  • Tariffs without mandatory top-ups: There are no mandatory top-ups. To maintain your service active, just place a (paid) call every six months on national soil.

How do I make a top-up?

You can make a top-up free of charge in the following ways:

  • ATM - insert your card, choose Pagamento » Telemóvel » Vodafone » Carregamentos Vitaminas or Carregamentos Yorn, depending on your tariff;
  • Vodafone store - top-up machines and counters at Vodafone stores
  • HomeBanking - your bank online;
  • Payshop - shops that have an agreement with the company Payshop.
  • My Vodafone - through the option Efetuar Carregamento » Choose the top-up value » MBPhone; Cartão de Crédito or Referência Multibanco.

How do I know when I should make my next top-up? 

To find out at any time when your pay-as-you-go card must be topped up, please key in *#101# followed by the call key (free of charge).

What does a Vodafone bill look like? 

The Vodafone bill is a service that offers detailed or summarized information on phone calls, top-ups or payments made using your Vodafone accounts.

Vodafone online bill example

What types of bill are there?

There are two types of bill available: 

Detailed or summarized bill on paper – You will receive your bill printed out, by post. This type of bill, detailed, has a cost of € 0.85 + VAT (subscription) and €1.50 Euros (pre-paid);

Electronic bill (PDF) – You will receive your bill by email (if you have supplied us with an email address). It is always free of charge.

The issue of a bill is mandatory for subscription services only.

How do I pay my bill? 

You can pay your bill using the following means:

Direct debit - this is the simplest and most comfortable way to pay. You can set up a direct debit through My Vodafone or by contacting Vodafone directly; 

ATM - Pagamentos » Pagamentos de Serviços; 

HomeBanking - you can pay your bill using online banking if you have this service available; 

Vodafone store - bills can be paid in our stores in cash, using a debit card or a VISA card; 

Payshop - you can pay for your bill in shops that have an agreement with the company Payshop. 

My Vodafone - Account with one number: Faturas e Pagamentos » Pagar Fatura » MBPhone; Cartão de Crédito or Referência Multibanco.