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Vodafone offers English customer assistance through the following means

  • Assistance line 16912 – Available 24/7, in English, to answer all your questions on Vodafone products, services and bills. To speak to an assistant, please select “zero” (applicable rate in force charged). If you are on a Yorn package, please call 16918 (applicable rate in force charged); 
  • E-mail – Please send us an email using the form available here;
  • Social media – Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Forum for information, support and offers;
  • My Vodafone – Offers access to several Vodafone service features, such as: viewing bills, checking use of the service so far and others.

FAQs on voice tariffs

When should I top up my pay-as-you-go phone? 

  • Tariffs with mandatory top-ups: Please top up your pay-as-you-go phone before the top-up deadline runs out, or whenever you have used up your available minutes and want to continue to make phone calls;
  • Tariffs without mandatory top-ups: There are no mandatory top-ups. To maintain your service active, just place a (paid) call every six months on national soil.

How do I make a top-up?

You can make a top-up free of charge in the following ways:

  • ATM - insert your card, choose Pagamento » Telemóvel » Vodafone » Carregamentos Vitaminas or Carregamentos Yorn, depending on your tariff;
  • Vodafone store - top-up machines and counters at Vodafone stores
  • Homebanking - your bank online;
  • Payshop - shops that have an agreement with the company Payshop.
  • My Vodafone - throught the option Efetuar Carregamento » Choose the top-up value » MBPhone; Cartão de Crédito or Referência Multibanco.

How do I know when I should make my next top-up? 

To find out at any time when your pay-as-you-go card must be topped up, please key in *#101# followed by the call key (free of charge).

What does a Vodafone bill look like? 

The Vodafone bill is a service that offers detailed or summarized information on phone calls, top-ups or payments made using your Vodafone accounts.

Vodafone online bill example

What types of bill are there?

There are two types of bill available: 

Detailed or summarized bill on paper – You will receive your bill printed out, by post. This type of bill, detailed, has a cost of € 0.85 + VAT (subscription) and €1.50 Euros (pre-paid);

Electronic bill (PDF) – You will receive your bill by email (if you have supplied us with an email address). It is always free of charge.

The issue of a bill is mandatory for subscription services only.

How do I pay my bill? 

You can pay your bill using the following means:

Direct debit - this is the simplest and most comfortable way to pay. You can set up a direct debit through My Vodafone or by contacting Vodafone directly; 

ATM - Pagamentos » Pagamentos de Serviços; 

HomeBanking - you can pay your bill using online banking if you have this service available; 

Vodafone store - bills can be paid in our stores in cash, using a debit card or a VISA card; 

Payshop - you can pay for your bill in shops that have an agreement with the company Payshop. 

My Vodafone - Account with one number: Faturas e Pagamentos » Pagar Fatura » MBPhone; Cartão de Crédito or Referência Multibanco. 

FAQs on My Vodafone

How can I change the language of the My Vodafone app?

You can change the language of your My Vodafone app using the app’s settings (on the top right hand corner of the screen) and selecting the option "EN".

How can I register? 

Select the option "Register now" here, fill out the fields "Personal Details" and "Security Data". Read the “Terms and Conditions” and select “I Accept. Set up my account”. You will receive a link on the email with which you registered in order to validate the request. This confirmation must be done within 24 hours or the account will expire. As an alternative, you can download the app onto your smartphone or tablet and select the corresponding option:

What do I have access to?

Once you register you will have access to several features, such as:

Bills - Bills and Payments or Top-ups > Bills (desktop) or Bills and Payments or top-ups > Latest Bills (app);

Service use monitoring - Bills and Payments or Top-Ups > Service use to date (desktop) or Service use to date (app).

How can I download the app?

The app can be downloaded through the App Store (Apple), Google Play (Android), Windows Phone and App World (Blackberry). As an alternative, you can send us a free text message to the number 12345 containing the text "myvodafone" and you will receive a text message with an access link.

Does accessing the My Vodafone app come with a cost?

Acessing the My Vodafone app through the Vodafone mobile network is free of charge.