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Press Releases

Telecel enlarges coverage in Madeira

Lisbon, 21 October 1997 Santana station service started to work on the 18 November allowing Telecel to continue its coverage enlargement to all the northern coast of Madeira Island.

In the next few months, new stations will guarantee the continuous coverage of the area: Arco de S. Jorge and Porto do Moniz.

On the southern coast, the area of Ribeira Brava and Câmara de Lobos will be reinforced and the area of Santo António and Funchal’s western area have already access to Telecel’s services, namely Praia Formosa.

Since it first started to provide its services to the Autonomous Region, Telecel has been constantly expanding its coverage not only in Madeira but also in Porto Santo. At the same time, the quality and capacity of its network were reinforced in the most populated areas and road carriers. Amongst these ones, it should be mentioned, the total coverage of the highway Funchal-Ribeira Brava, with 5 amplifiers being set up in all its tunnels, being one of these the biggest ever built in Portugal.