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Press Releases

Telecel’s News in ExpoTelecom

In ExpoTelecom Telecel will be showing several news to its Customers, which range from special conditions in the acquisition of support computer equipment, to the Fax Postal Box new service, including also a significant reduction in the price of the Short Message Service (SMS). Furthermore, Telecel will be announcing in the Telecommunications exhibition, the new Mail@Telecel in connection with Internet. The news comes from the innovation and technological leadership policies which Telecel has always followed, in a constant effort to offer its Customers the best service quality.

Promotion of Portable Computer Equipment

Due to partnerships set up with its computer equipment suppliers, Telecel gives its Customers the opportunity to make the most out of its Data Mobile and Fax Mobile Services, giving them the opportunity to buy portable computers and GSM modems under special and exclusive conditions which also allow the possibility of immediate connection to Internet through an IP-ROM, the CR-ROM from IP (data operator which supplies the access to Internet under this promotion) with everything needed to start surfing in the Internet.

Under this campaign Telecel suggests the following equipment:

HP 360LX 131.880$00 VAT (154.300$00)
Palmtop with Windows CE;
Toshiba Libretto 50CT 292.821$00 VAT (342.600$00)
mininotebook with just 850g, colour screen and a Pentium processor;
Toshiba Portegé 300CT 467.949$00 VAT (547.500$00)
a subnotebook with just 1.7kg and Pentium 133;
Toshiba Satellite Pro 460 CDT 536.581$00 VAT (627.800$00)
Notebook for intensive work;
Toshiba Satellite 230CX 306.068$00 VAT (342.600$00)
a notebook with an inviting price.

The equipment mentioned has a GSM modem or a double modem for the fixed network and an Option GSM (according to the needs) which has the right set up and has an additional communications software already installed.

The prices shown include the computer, the Option PCMCIA plate for the cellular phone that was chosen by the Customer, as well as the IP-ROM and the connecting charge of the Data and Fax Mobile Services.

There are also two lines exclusively created for this promotion.

By dialling this number Customers will get all pre-sale information on the available products under this campaign. Customers who make more complex questions about the equipment should contact this number. Orders of equipment can also be made through this line.

By dialling this number Customers will be able to get after-sale service for the products bought under this campaign. This will be the number given to Customers with technical or equipment’s configuration related questions.

Reduction of Short Messaging Service (SMS)

Another news given at the ExpoTelecom is the significant reduction in the price of the Short Message Service (SMS) which is now the most economical way to communicate in Telecel. Since the inauguration of ExpoTelecom the new tariff used for Written Messages sent between two phones, which belong to Telecel’s network has been indeed only PTE 20. The sending of a fax through the Short Message Service is charged as a Written Message to Telecel’s network, and its price has been also only PTE 20 since November 15.

“Correio Telecel” in the Internet

The new service “Mail@Telecel” allows the direct receipt of electronic mail, through Internet, coming from anywhere in the world, in Telecel’s Customers cellular phones.

This new service, launched at ExpoTelecom 97 is available free of charge to all Telecel’s Customers, during its experimental period which will occur until the end of January 1998. Each Customer will therefore have an address of electronic mail corresponding to its cellular phone number in the domain (for example,, which will allow him / her to receive messages of up to 230 characters long.

To be able to use the “Mail@Telecel” service, the Customers only need a cellular phone, which may receive written messages.

On the other hand, the new Telecel Internet tariff plan, made available at the same time, allows the use of the Data Mobile Service to be connected to ISP (Internet Service Provider), under very special conditions, at the price of a call to Telecel’s network, when the numbers specially created to that effect are used. This plan has no monthly subscription and is valid, on a first phase, to Telepac, IP, Eunet, Esotérica, Comnexo, Telenet and SIBS Clients, and data calls made to other destinations are charged under a higher tariff.

Fax Postal Box

Telecel brought to its Recording and Management of Messages services a new function, allowing its Customers to receive fax messages in their Postal Boxes, even if they do not have the Fax Mobile Service.

Telecel’s Customers Postal Box may not only work as an “answering machine” but on Customer require it will also receive fax messages which may be printed where the user finds it most convenient.

This new function has an extremely easy usage: a fax may be sent from anywhere to the Customers’s Postal Box; later, the client just has to dial the access number to its Postal Box and print the message where it is most convenient for him.

The use of Telecel Fax Postal Box is free of charge for the Written Messages and Management Messages Services’ Customers, and to be connected to it, Customers have to ask the Customers Support Service.

Sending Written Messages (SMS) to Telechamada pagers

Telecel’s Customers may, from now on, communicate directly with “pagers” of Telechamada network, by sending written messages (SMS). The cost of sending a written message to Telechamada pagers is PTE 50, with no monthly subscription or connecting charge.

This service may be used by all Customers of Telecel’s normal tariff plans, if their equipment has the capacity to send written messages.

The procedure to be followed to send a written message to a “pager” is similar to the one of sending messages to other Telecel cellular phones, and the number to where the message is to be sent has to start with 0943 and be followed by the number of the “pager” to which the message is to be sent.

The maximum length of a message is of 160 characters. It should not be forgotten that some “pagers” only allow messages of 80 characters to be received; in this case if the message has a longer length (more than 80 characters), it will be truncate in its final part.