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Press Releases

Telecel’s Vitamina phones can be used in Spain

For the first time ever anywhere, a prepaid mobile communications service without monthly fee, may be used in a foreign country: it is the case of Telecel’s “Vitaminas”, whose Customers may, from November 21 onwards, have access to a roaming service in Spain, through Airtel carrier.

This service automatically covers all “Vitamina” Customers, with the exception of “Vitamina K”, targeted at younger segments of the population, and the roaming service will only be available to them if they request it to Telecel’s Customer Support Service.

Obviously all Customers who are interested may ask Customer Support Service the opposite, that is, for roaming to be barred. Presently two new services were added to the portfolio of free of charge services to be provided to the “Vitamina” users: the restriction to making international calls when in roaming, except to Portugal, as well as the restriction to the reception of calls when in roaming.

Besides, Vitamina Customers will also be allowed to load their cards in Spain (Telecarregamento), directly from their phones, through VitaRecarga Service.