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Press Releases

Free Telecel’s Numbers for Data and Fax

The service Telecel’s Free of Charge Numbers (0931 800 xxx) was extended to Data and Fax communications.

Through the subscription of the Data Mobile Service andor Fax Mobile Service, the Telecel’s Free of Charge Customers may receive this kind of calls, made from the Telecel network or from the national fixed network which will be free of charge for the people who make them, being its cost charged to the recipient (the holder of Telecel’s Free of Charge Number). The applicable prices are similar to the ones used to charge voice calls to these numbers.

To make a Data or Fax call to a Free of Charge Number from Telecel’s network there is no special number to be dialled being enough to dial the destination number (800 xxx). If the call is made from the national fixed network, the following prefix should be used:

191 for fax calls
192 for data calls at 2400 bps
192 for data calls at 4800 bps
194 for data calls at 9600 bps

All Telecel Free of Charge Numbers have a postal box with capacity to keep 30 messages, which will be there for 14 days. Furthermore these Customers may now have a Fax Postal Box.

This service allows an interactive communication to take place and an immediate answer to the Customer, to companies who receive mostly mobile phone calls or that need mobility themselves.