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Telecel reduces tariffs

As of March 22nd, Telecel will reduce its tariffs, not only in its Regular Plans (Special, Value, Normal and Plus), with a decrease in the monthly payments and cost of calls, but also in Vitamina T tariffs. Besides the reduction in the cost of calls and in the value of the minimum recharging in the first quarter, it will be introduced a usage bonus system in certain recharging cards.

One of the new ideas is the introduction of the weekend tariff, which allows calls to be made to the Telecel network or to the fixed network, at 25 ESC per minute in “Regular Plans” and at 34 ESC per minute in the “Vitamina T” and “Promo Telecel” (including taxes). With this new tariff, in the case of calls to the fixed network, the reduction equals 23% and 55%, Telecel facilitates the system usage, especially during a period directed at personal calls.

In the case of “Regular Plans”, besides reductions of up to 12% in monthly payments, there is a reduction in the price of calls made to the fixed network in all the periods, particularly noticeable during the period of the so called “Reduced Tariff” in which Telecel includes lunch time.

The introduction of new quarterly reload in the “Vitamina T” in the amount of 7,500 ESC will generate a minimum reduction in the average monthly usage of 2,500 ESC in calls.

“Vitamina T” customers will also benefit from a bonus for reloading their card. For instance, a customer who makes a reload of 20,000 ESC in her/his “Vitamina T” will automatically benefit from 5,000 ESC of free usage. Furthermore, prices on calls to the Telecel network are reduced, which, in some cases, means a reduction of 33%, also applicable to “Promo Telecel”.

With these changes, Telecel has two goals in mind:
– First, to give its regular customers a more frequent and normal service, without any increase in charges;
– Secondly, to make the cellular service more economic, making it available to a higher number of customers.