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Press Releases

Telecel in the Colombo Shopping Centre

Telecel has strongly invested on the coverage of Colombo Shopping Centre, assuring easier and high quality cellular telephone communications inside that new shopping centre. Considering the dimensions and features of the shopping centre, Telecel used the most technologically advanced and innovative solutions, with the new models of aerials interconnected by optical fibre.

In Colombo Shopping Centre, there are also to be created several Telecel points of sale, with products and services corresponding to different ways of purchase.

Telecel has also been developing an intensive program of expansion and reinforcement of coverage inside of other shopping Centres. That happened in the last months in the shopping centres of Fonte Nova, Alvalade, Roma and Arrábida Shopping while the reinforcement of coverage in Monumental Shopping Centre is in progress. Each of these cases had a specific investment and technological solution, taking into account the individual features of each of the spaces.

Since the beginning of the year, Telecel has already installed over 100 new aerials in the whole mainland and islands. Within this program, new aerials of small dimensions and of less noticeable environmental and visual impact started being used, just like the one placed in Largo da Estefânia, Lisbon.