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Cardiovida Services in Telecel’s Network

Telecel makes available the access, by mobile phone and under preferential conditions, to the Cardiovida Service since January 7 of this year.

The Cardiovida service was developed to offer its users, the possibility to know their heart condition, 24 hours a day, every day of the year and from anywhere where it is possible to make a phone call. Through the mobile phone and Telecel network, the Customers who adhere to this service will always have the medical team from the Cardiovida Headquarters available, having then a way of prevention which allows them to evaluate any situation in a very fast way.

One of the main enemies of someone who has a heart attack is the period between the first symptoms and the proper medical assistance. Statistics show the importance that a heart intensive care unit may have, as survival and recovery from a heart attack depends on a fast and effective action.

To be able to use the Cardiovida Service in the Telecel network, it is also needed, besides the cellular phone, a small device called Cardiomóvel that is very easy to use and may always be at hand and used if needed or just to make a simple check up.

The high technology specially developed for Cardiomóvel allows the registration of the electrocardiograph in only 20 seconds. Afterwards one just dials 0931 1840, puts the Cardiomóvel next to the cellular phone, and the electrocardiograph is immediately sent to Headquarters and analysed by a medical team which is always available.

TAS-Health Advanced Technologies is the company responsible for the Cardiovida Service now offered by Telecel, which created an answering number, 0931 1841 – Cardiovida Information TELECEL, through which its Customers may obtain information or ask to adhere to this new service. From that moment onwards, TAS will handle the whole adherence process, including the appointment for the medical examination with a specialist. This examination will give origin to a medical file, which will be computerised and will be available for any appointment, when the electrocardiographs are sent.