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Press Releases

News in Telecel’s Electronic Mail

Lisbon, 04 October 1998 – Electronic Mail Service from Telecel (Correio@TELECEL) introduces a new set of functions allowing reception as well as sending electronic mail (e-mail) using a cellular telephone – just as long as the equipment and chosen tariff plan allow sending written messages.

This way, Customer is reachable by electronic mail in Portugal as well as in any corner of the world where Telecel roaming service is available as well as Telecel Written Messages Service (SMS).

Sent or received electronic mail, can include up to 640 characters, through the composition of four written messages (SMS). Each new received e-mail is given an order number. When the e-mail is decomposed in several messages, these messages will also include an order number to make their reading easier.

In cases where cellular telephone, or Customer tariff plan will not allow sending written messages, it is still possible to send electronic mail, through operators of Telecel Message Centre (0931 1820).