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Press Releases

New Telecel Internet site enables Customers to buy products and obtain information about services invoice

New Telecel site on the Internet ( enables Customers to buy products and obtain information about their services invoice, it also provides access to information about services or campaigns in an easy and practical way.

Using Telecel Electronic Shop, Customers can buy Telecel products in all areas of the site, and can even select two ways of accessing products they want to buy. The item can be selected in Telecel Electronic Shop, always displayed on the site, where information from all products for sale can be seen, as an alternative Customers can buy when navigating in the page of every individual available product.

Customers from Telecel Electronic Shop can also add or remove products from the “shopping bag” and order several products simultaneously.

All purchased products will be delivered in the mentioned address and within a maximum of two working days, except in cases of stock breakage.

Telecel’s Electronic InfoFactura is also new in the renewed company site. This service allows Customers to access information regarding their Telecel invoices, displaying it in the computer screen, with total security and confidentiality. It is also possible to analyse information contained in the invoices by crossing data about duration and cost of calls, selecting by date, type of communication or number called.

Electronic InfoFactura service can be enabled online or by telephone calling Telecel Customer Support in 0931 12 12.

Telecel’s Electronic InfoFactura is now available for all customers, in an experiment phase, and its commercial launching is foreseen for the end of the year.