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Press Releases

New Telecel SIMPLES Card programs menus in cellular telephones

Using the new technology SIM Toolkit, Telecel Customers will be able to use cellular telephones with new menus allowing direct access to Telecel services, without the need of memorise numbers or commands. Customers only have to navigate through the new menus generated by SIMPLES Card and select required services and options, being possible in some cases to customise them.

New SIMPLES Card programs, in the telephone display, a Telecel menu composed by the services often used by the customer (for example: Awakening Service, Telemultibanco, Reuters, E-Mail, Fax Service and Short Messages with distribution list, Telecel List, etc.), allowing to easily handle and use these services.

Using all the features of SIMPLES Card, will depend on the cellular telephone supporting SIM Toolkit. This way, Telecel has chosen to sell SIMPLES Card together with the new telephone Sagem 730 STK, which allows its usage. In a near future, SIM Toolkit functionality will be included in the new generations of cellular telephones of the main manufacturers.