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Telecel in ExpoTelecom 98

Lisbon, 18 November 1998 – Telecel will be present in ExpoTelecom 98 with the exhibition and demos of some of its products, services and new technological applications. Visitors will be able to assist the Customer Support Service functioning, and, in the area reserved for “Club Viva”, Customers will be able to get a new edition of this program, they can also get information about collected points, and can trade points by chosen equipment and accessories.

Besides the latest products and services, such as “Vitamin Light”, SIMPLES card enabling to customise and simplify usage of cellular services, or the new Telecel page on the Internet, visitors will be able to try new handsets such as “dual band” telephones, working in GSM 900 e GSM 1800, and checking communications quality provided by “Enhanced Full Rate” technology. In Telecel stand, Customers will be able to check directly the practical utility of the wide range of Telecel services, as well as several new facilities and applications continuously introduced by watching a film about usage of the main services.

In Telecel’s stand there will also be some of the companies with which Telecel has co-operated developing projects and services based in data, fax and written messages communications. Demos of different applications will also be held, like the ones allowing fleet management, remote tracking of vehicles, monitoring and remote control of manufacturing sites, monitoring and control of parkimeters and car accident assessment systems. To be noted that in this area, there are also innovative solutions, not displayed due to the local conditions. Among other, we can mention greenhouse remote control and start-up of watering processes, different types of warnings in the cellular telephone or remote transmission of photographs.

Visiting Telecel stand in ExpoTelecom 98 will provide an overview of cellular telecommunications universe, in what concerns its current wide diversity, as the perspectives of future developments.