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Press Releases

Telecel Announces Introduction of Per Second Billing and Offering of Activation Charge

On March 31, 1998, Telecel will offer the activation charge to the new Customers who subscribe a Regular Tariff Plan, i.e., a plan which includes a monthly fee.

On April 20, 1998, Telecel will introduce per second billing on the national calls for voice, data, and fax services made by all Customers who are included in the aforementioned tariff plans. Therefore, the calls will be charged in increments of one second after an initial period of 60 seconds in the Especial, Valor, Normal, and Mais Tariff Plans.

These changes are part of a tariff reformulation process initiated on March 15, 1998. Under this restructuring program, Telecel had already reduced the price of international and national calls, and lengthened the off-peak time period.

Telecel will also continue executing its differentiating strategy through the combination of the quality of service provided with very competitive tariff offers.