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Press Releases

Telecel reduces by 20% its calls to the European Union

From the 15th March onwards Telecel Customers who are subscribers of the Normal Tariff Plans will benefit from a reduction of 20% on their calls to the countries of the European Union and Switzerland. The communications to the other international destinies are likewise subject to reductions, which vary from 4% to 31%, according to each case.

Customers of “Vitamina T”, “Vitamina R” and “Vitamina K” Plans will have reductions higher than 20% on their calls to the European Union and Switzerland, which will cost 180 PTE/minute (VAT included). Communications to other countries remain at their current prices.

With these changes, the following values per minute (VAT is not included) will be used in the Normal Tariffs Schemes: European Union and Switzerland – 112 PTE; Community of Independent States, Rest of Europe, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia – 160 PTE; United States, Canada and Australia – 210 PTE; PALOP, South Africa, Brazil, Macao, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea – 290 PTE; The rest of the world – 390 PTE.