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Press Releases

Telecel will start operating in 1800 MHz band tomorrow in the Expo area

As of tomorrow 15.5.98, Telecel will start offering the service of its GSM network in 1800 MHz. The first stations starting to operate are placed in the area around Expo, covering the exhibition area and some areas around it. 1800 MHz band will be used by Telecel to increase network capacity, wherever necessary, facing the adherence of new Customers, and not affecting current Customers, with telephones operating in 900 MHz band.

Telecel was recently given 30 additional frequencies in the band of 1800 MHz (requested in March 1997). This, and the fact that Telecel was pioneer in the introduction of dual-band handsets in the market in April and the widening of the network during this year, will allow offering both bands – 900MHz and 1800MHz. Customers with telephones operating in 900 MHz band do not need to perform any substitution, keeping full functionality and quality of Telecel’s mobile service.