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Press Releases

Telecel’s Duplo Card allows two numbers in only one telephone

Telecel will introduce, after June 1st, a product allowing for the first time the possibility of using two telephone numbers in the same card. It will be called “Duplo Card”, a totally new concept allowing the Customer two types of usage, such as for example “professional” and “private”, with distinct invoices and extra services, but with the advantage of using only one telephone.

The clear difference of costs by type of usage makes Telecel’s “Duplo Card” an extremely advantageous product, both for enterprises and self-employed or for individuals wishing to permanently discriminate their communication expenses as personal or professional, and wishing to have a general known number and a restricted known number.

Also to be noted that with “Duplo Card”, customers will increase the possibility of being always reachable in both numbers, if desired. In effect, “Duplo Card” will allow free national re-routing from one number to another.

This new Telecel product will be available originally as “Vitamina T” in both “professional” and “private” numbers, even though customers can afterwards choose to subscribe one of the Regular Tariff Plans (Especial, Valor, Normal or Mais). In this case, they will benefit from a discount of 1,000 PTE in the monthly fee.

If customers wish to keep “Vitamina T”, they will make recharges every four months instead of three, and can still benefit from all the features and facilities associated with “Vitamina T”.

Selection of the tariff plan is made independently for each telephone number, allowing an enterprise for example to use professionally a number under the Normal tariff plan, and give the employee the possibility of using the other number personally under “Vitamina T” tariff plan, having each number the corresponding benefits.