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Telecel advertises Vitamina R In Lisbon Underground wagons

Telecel is the first Portuguese company to fully decorate the outside of the underground wagons with its identity and the image of one of its products – “Vitamina R”.

This is the only underground wagon in Portugal decorated with advertising, which represents an innovation in the usage of this mean of transportation as advertise media. This was achieved through an agreement between Telecel and the enterprises TCS – Publicidade em Transportes and Lisbon Underground.

The wagon decorated with the image “Vitamina R” travels through the line accessing Oriente Stations’ platform, near Expo98, associating the image of a dynamic product with a great end of the century international event taking place in Portugal.

“Vitamina R” is targeted for young people over 16 years old, being an example of market segmentation strategy followed by Telecel, that targets different types of users.

“Vitamina R” Customers will benefit from 25% discount in calls made to other “Vitamina R” Customers. These are easily identified because their telephone numbers start with 40. These Customers can then talk with each other at a reduced price, benefiting from the additional advantages associated with Vitamina Service, such as using roaming in Spain, monitoring costs in the telephone display, using the card immediate TeleCarregamento, free voice mail or Detailed Invoice.