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Telecel Reduces Tariffs on National and International Calls

On 12 February 1999, Telecel will reduce its national tariffs. From the changes introduced, the reduction up to 21% on the calls placed by Regular, Vitamina T and Vitamina R Customers to other networks during peak time as well as the monthly fee reduction on Pack Total 120 30 Pack Privado 480 and Normal tariff plans to 6,950 PTE and 5,250 PTE (without VAT), respectively, should be highlighted.

The new international tariffs, which will be effective on next Saturday, 23 January 1999, will allow our Customers to place calls, from their mobile phones to the other countries of the EU and North America at the same per minute rate as national communications to other networks during peak time.

These price reductions, which in some cases will be close to 70% in relation to our current tariffs, ally all mobility advantages of wireless communications to the competitiveness of the new Telecel international tariffs. Customers will this way be able to place international calls at lower average per minute rates than those currently in place in the fixed network.

These reductions in international tariffs are made possible by the new stage of the full liberalization process of the Portuguese telecommunications’ sector, which was initiated in January 1999. The national mobile operators can now establish interconnect agreements with other operators to route its international traffic.




Price per

Without VAT

EC, Switzerland, United States
and Canada

Price applied
to calls to other national networks during peak time (*)

Rest of Europe, Angola,
Mozambique, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela e Australia

88 PTE –
Regular Customers

112PTE – Vitaminas

Rest of the World

212 PTE

(*) Except for Vitamina L where the rate of 103 PTE per minute is applied.