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Telecel launches “netc” Education Channel

As of September 15, Customers of Telecel network can use their mobile telephones in Saudi Arabia, through EAE cellular network – Aljawal, and in Meeting Islands, through SRR network since September 28. Also during the month of September, Telecel reinforced its roaming coverage in Singapore allowing its Customers to use GSM 1800 network from Singapore Telecom.

In October, Telecel has celebrated four new roaming agreements, allowing its Customers to use Kar-tel network in Kasaquistan, since day 1, Tunisia Telecom network since day 5 for roaming in Tunisia, as well as CamGSM network in Cambodia and Faroese Telecom network in Faroe islands, since day 8.

Telecel’s international coverage now includes 76 countries, where Customers can use cellular services from 138 telecommunications operators.