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Telecel announces "Local Plan" tariff rate

Telecel is to launch its new Regular Tariff Plan, called “Local Plan”, which will be specially targeted at Customers who use their mobile phones to call the fixed network during business hours.

This new tariff plan, extremely advantageous for several Customer segments, will consist of two tariffs (24 PTE per minute for the local fixed network and Telecel network and 52 PTE per minute for the remaining networks), 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The monthly fee will be 4,800 PTE.

This new tariff is applicable to calls within the same area as the local fixed line code, similarly to Telecel’s “Local Calls Discount”. The new “Local Plan” Customers will be permanently informed about their location, and will be notified through a Cellular Broadcast message displayed on their handsets.

In addition, Telecel will now offer its Customers the opportunity to subscribe to one of the new tariff plans which are equivalent to the tariff plans “Super Smile” and “Super”, from TMN, and “Boomerang Five” from Optimus.
Since July, Customers have had the opportunity to choose from the wide selection of tariffs on offer by the various Portuguese operators, as Telecel is confident that its extensive range of tariff plans are the most suitable to the different customer usage profiles. Thus, taking out the price element from the decision process, the Customer is able to choose the cellular service based on other factors such as network coverage and quality, innovative services and customer support.

All values exclude VAT.