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Telecel launches “Casquinha” – the new catalogue of sites aimed at Children in “netc”

Telecel has today launched “Casquinha”, the first Portuguese catalogue of sites aimed at children, through its portal, “netc”. “Casquinha” is the result of a partnership between Telecel and Autor Multimédia, and is supported by a team of teachers who carefully select all the sections and issues for children between 4 and 12 years old.

Identified by its own character, “Casquinha” has been launched with more than 300 sites including a game area and a weekly agenda which includes information about openings, cinema and theatre guides, and details on circuses, playgrounds and other events for children.

Besides the useful information, games and entertainment, “Casquinha” has other themes like School, Radical, World, Communications, Computers and Internet, Arts and Artists, Science and Experience. It also includes “the net ABC”, which is an area where one can learn basic Internet functioning.

“Casquinha” is an Internet tool that satisfies both children’s and parents’ needs, where they can find a high diversity of links and useful information, gathered in an organised, attractive and fun way. It is easy to work with and is simultaneously entertaining and informative in the available services.

With this step forward, “netc” Portal continues to differentiate itself by the quality and diversity of its content, establishing itself as a reference in Portuguese language portals.