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Telecel launches Internet access via mobile phones

At the Expotelecom, which runs from 24 to 28 November 1999 in Lisbon, Telecel will present an Internet access service via cellular phones based on WAP technology (Wireless Application Protocol). This will be the first demonstration of its kind in Portugal.

The WAP technology will provide an important step forward in the convergence of mobile communications. Customers will be able to access information and use the services available on the Internet, in a quick and easy way whilst on the move, as long as they are equipped with the new compatible models of cellular phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants).

At the Expotelecom, Telecel will be demonstrating several features of this service, such as the “netc” e-mail consult and news services – “netc mobile” and “CNN Mobile”. Other features will include stock portfolio valuation and “netc” portal’s ability to answer enquiries on-line.

Telecel Customers will be able to register themselves in the “pilot” phase of this service at the Expotelecom, at FIL (“Feira Internacional de Lisboa”) or through Telecel’s Customer Support Service.

Following the launch of this “pilot” service using WAP technology, Telecel will soon offer access to the extensive information and services already available on the Internet. Telecel continues to develop innovative new ways to promote and stimulate the use of cellular phones.