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TELECEL and AITEC launch Digital Entrepreneur program

On December 15, a business enterprise centre, aimed at entrepreneurial projects in the digital economy area was set up through a partnership between Telecel and AITEC. The “Digital Entrepreneur” program will be supported by LINK – Consultadoria e Serviços.

This program is targeted at Portuguese entrepreneurs with projects in areas such as e-commerce and to enterprises currently developing and consolidating their own e-business strategy. It will provide potential digital entrepreneurs with a complete infrastructure for the access to capital markets, Internet access, websites hosting and development, information systems support, legal and financial assistance, and a specific management training.

This new initiative instigated by Telecel and AITEC represents an important step in the global electronic market. José Alves Marques, AITEC President (responsible for the creation of 48 enterprises in the information technology sector) said “The centre will focus on the extensive system of electronic business, including suppliers, distributors and Customers that use e-commerce to co-operate and compete within the market”.

The creation of a business enterprise centre is vital for the development of e-commerce in Portugal. António Carrapatoso, CEO of Telecel said “There are several obstacles in the creation of a “. com” company in Portugal, including the levels of investment. Both operational support and the time to market are essential factors in the development of successful “. com” business. We are confident that the “Digital Entrepreneur” program will enable these entrepreneurs to fulfil their strategies.”