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Telecel introduces GPRS in the year 2000

Telecel has signed an agreement with Ericsson to begin trials for the introduction of the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) on its network in the first quarter of 2000. GPRS will revolutionise the utilisation of data services and the Internet access through the GSM network.

GPRS is a data transmission technology that enhances the speed of communications and can guarantee better management of the network resources. This technology will significantly increase the actual transmission speed of 9.6 kbits per second on the GSM networks to speeds that can reach 115 kbits per second. GPRS allows access to the Internet from a cellular phone with a transmission speed twice as fast as what is currently available through the fixed network with a standard modem.

This new transmission technology, like the WAP access technology recently piloted by Telecel, will facilitate the development of new mobile data services aimed at business and residential Customers. The utilisation of both technologies will allow fast access to content available on the Internet, via your mobile, as well as electronic commerce transactions and other value-added services for the Customer. Features like the permanent access to Internet sites, restaurants information and booking, purchase of book and cinema tickets or alerts from the stock exchange are just some of the examples from a long list of services that will be available with this new technology.

With this technology, Telecel aims to maintain its leadership in the mobile data and Internet revolution. Being a cellular and Internet service provider as well as offering fixed services in Portugal, Telecel is in a good position once again to develop new projects that will contribute to the growth of the information society in our country.