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Telecel offers competitive and diversified tariffs in Indirect Fixed Access 1091

With effect from 1 January 2000, Telecel will offer indirect fixed access services to all its current cellular and Internet Customers. Accessed by dialling 1091 in front of the telephone number required, this is a highly competitive offer designed to fit the different kinds and levels of usage of both it’s residential and corporate Customers.

Residential Customers will be able to make national calls from their fixed telephone at 9.1 PTE per minute in the off peak period (from 19:00 to 08:00 the following day) as well as at weekends and holidays. National calls in the peak period (from 08:00 to 19:00) will cost 21 PTE per minute. When compared with the new Portugal Telecom tariffs, Telecel offers a reduction of around 50 per cent for a standard three-minute national call made after 19:00 or at the weekend.

Corporate Customers will have a single tariff that, in the case of national calls, will be 18 PTE per minute. This figure represents a reduction of around 30 per cent when compared with Portugal Telecom’s new tariffs, for a standard three-minute call made in weekdays between 09:00 and 21:00.

In addition to extremely advantageous international tariffs (see attached tables), Telecel also allows its cellular service corporate Customers to benefit from discounts, of up to 10 per cent, on the price of all calls.

All the current Telecel Customers, including “Vitamina” and “netc” Customers, can benefit from these new pricing plans. In order to do that, they have to supply some personal data (namely its fixed telephone numbers), by returning the forms sent by Telecel or calling the “toq” Telemarketing Service on 351.91.800.1091.

Note: Values do not include VAT of 17 per cent in Mainland Portugal and 12 per cent in Madeira and Azores.

Attached tables: Telecel’s Indirect Fixed Access tariff plans

Tariff Plan for residential Telecel Customers – “toq” offer

ALIGN=”CENTER”>Prices per Minute
ALIGN=”CENTER”>Peak Period

(8h – 19h)

ALIGN=”CENTER”>Off Peak Period (19h – 8h)
ALIGN=”CENTER”>Weekends and National Holidays
ALIGN=”CENTER”>National Calls

PTE (0.10 euros)

ALIGN=”CENTER”>9 PTE (0.05 euros)
ALIGN=”CENTER”>Spain, France, U.K., Germany, U.S.A. and Canada

PTE (0.17 euros)

ALIGN=”CENTER”>23 PTE (0.11 euros)
ALIGN=”CENTER”>Remaining E.U. countries

PTE (0.20 euros)

ALIGN=”CENTER”>27 PTE (0.13 euros)

Tariff Plan for corporate Telecel Customers – “Nexifix” offer

Prices per Minute

Peak Period

(8h – 19h)

Off Peak Period (19h – 8h)

Weekends and National Holidays

National Calls

18 PTE (0.09 euros)

Spain, France, U.K., Germany, U.S.A. and Canada

30 PTE (0.15 euros)

Remaining E.U. countries

38 PTE (0.19 euros)

For users of the “toq” tariff plan that are not Telecel’s cellular or “netc” Customers an additional 4 PTE (0.02 euros) per minute is added to all tariffs.

Note: Values do not include VAT of 17 per cent in Mainland Portugal and 12 per cent in Madeira and Azores.