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Nexipri – New Telecel's Solution that Integrates Mobile and Fixed Communications

Telecel launches today a new solution for companies that enables the integration of mobile and fixed terminals. The solution, named NEXIPRI – Private Networks, is a virtual private network built on top of the Telecel network, allowing an integrated management of the Customer company’s fixed line extensions and cellular phones. This represents a step forward in Telecel’s strategy for the development of global and integrated solutions for the business segments.

NEXIPRI – Private Networks, part of Telecel’s portfolio of products for enterprise communications, effectively promotes the fixed-mobile integration. The Private Network integrates both mobile and fixed communications, including long distance and international traffic, providing a seamless communication system able to interconnect several PABXs geographically apart with the company’s mobile phones.

Taking as an example the case of a company with offices in Lisbon, Oporto and Azores, besides several cellular phones distributed to their employees. With NEXIPRI all communications among the company’s phones, fixed or mobile, happen as if all terminals were part of the same network which brings countless advantages such as cost reduction and cost control, specially in international, long distance and mobile-to-fixed or fixed-to-mobile communications. Therefore, calls inside the Private Network are billed at a special rate, even when they are originated or terminated in a fixed terminal.

Furthermore, concerning the existing situation, the Private Network offers a significant range of new features which are extremely useful for companies to increase efficiency and productivity, besides making users’ life easier.

It is possible, for instance, to place calls within the Private Network dialing short numbers of four digits only regardless of the called terminal type, i.e. independently of being a fixed or mobile extension. This abbreviated numbering scheme is defined by the Customer who has therefore the possibility to set up its own Private Numbering Plan for all terminals, simplifying the contact management and improving the availability of their employees.

On the other hand, NEXIPRI provides several Value Added Services fitting the companies communication needs. For example, it offers the possibility to create Closed Users Groups within the Private Network (for instance, for different departments in the company), with independent numbering plans and separate cost allocation reports, and also some features such as advanced Call Screening, intelligent Call Diversion, namely from the fixed to the mobile phone or vice versa. Calls can also be forwarded to a voice mailbox, common to the fixed line extension and to the mobile phone, in case of called party unavailability.

Another feature suitable for companies, which frequently deal with foreign countries, is the possibility to choose the service announcements language accordingly with the user profile.

Each Private Network is going to be developed together with the Customer since one of its great advantages is to allow tailor made solutions. Therefore, the client gets a virtual Private Network designed in accordance with the company needs.