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Telecel Cellular Broadcast Service in the Algarve

As of April 1st, Telecel Cellular Broadcast Service has become available in all the Algarve. With this service, Customers can receive in the cellular telephone display, information about specific subjects, as well as local information, that can change according to the area where the user is. Information content will depend not only on the area where it is received but also on the selected channel.

There are currently eight information channels available: Totobola and Totoloto; sports news; general news; telephone numbers of the closest hospitals, Advising and Supporting services, Pharmacies opened 24 hours, taxis, and gas stations working 24 hours.

Cellular Broadcast Service started June 1998 in Lisbon, and it was first used for broadcasting information about activities in Expo’98. In September 1998 it started broadcasting information about Pharmacies opened 24 hours and was expanded to the outskirts of Lisbon and to Oporto city. In January 1999, its broadcast area was substantially expanded including now all the area between Douro valley and Tejo valley, the districts of Aveiro, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Guarda, Leiria, Lisbon, Oporto (partially), Santarém and Viseu (partially), besides Algarve and Autonomous Region of Madeira. Soon it will be extended to the remaining national territory, with Telecel coverage.

Telecel is the only national operator to have this service, which is completely free for all its Customers. Foreign visitors roaming in Portugal can also use the service. To benefit from this service, Telecel Customer only needs an equipment supporting cellular broadcasting, have the service enabled on the telephone, select the correct channel, be in the broadcast area, and have the telephone on.