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Press Releases

New Telecel “Clube Viva” has latest news in equipments

Telecel Customers can now use TELECEL “Clube VIVA” to purchase the latest equipments, from which we point the new Motorola v3688 – the smallest and lightest telephone in the market – for 7,500 PTE plus 6,500 points. Street price of this telephone is around 135,000 PTE. This equipment can also be purchased for 29,000 PTE plus 4,000 points.

At the same time, Clube VIVA now offers other equipments of recognised quality namely the new Ericsson T18S Dual Band, including alarm by vibration, as well as voice activated answering and dialling for 5,000 PTE plus 4,000 points or 19,000 PTE plus 2,500 points. Equipment offers is complete with Nokia 5110, that can be purchased for 5,000 PTE plus 1,250 points or 12,000 PTE plus 850 points. Any of these purchases demands the Customer to be in Telecel network for a period of 18 months.

This program also allows to trade points for packages of free calls made in economical and weekend periods, having discounts in cellular telephones accessories or Telecel rucksacks.

TELECEL Clube VIVA is a program of monthly given points, based in the amount of service used by the Customer. All identified Telecel Customers are automatically part of this Club.

All above-mentioned values are inclusive of VAT.