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Telecel allows Customers to choose other operators tariffs

As Telecel is sure that its current tariff plans are the most suitable to the different kinds of use of the cellular service, it will allow Customers who would eventually prefer other operators’ tariff plans, to choose those plans.

Thus, taking out the price element from the decision making process, the Customer will be able to choose the cellular service based on other factors such as network coverage and quality, innovative services and Customer support.

Mr. António Coimbra, Vice-President for Customer Relations said: “With this offer, no one will have doubts: our Customers can have Telecel quality, through a network that covers close to 100% of the Portuguese population, innovation and quality of service at every level, and, because we believe that Telecel has the best tariff plans, we have no problems in offering our Customers the main current tariff plans of our competitors, if they wish. Thus, we give a clear evidence of the advantages of being a Telecel Customer.”