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Press Releases

Telecel launches EuroConverter Service

Telecel will start a new utility service allowing Customers to convert Portuguese Escudos into Euros and vice versa in a simple and fast way.

EuroConverter Service will be available as of July 2nd. Customers only need to dial the free number (0931) 1998 when wishing to convert Portuguese escudos into Euros, or dial (0931) 1999, to convert Euros into Portuguese Escudos.

This new Telecel service will be available to all Customers, wherever they are, since it can be used both in Portugal and abroad through roaming service. With this facility, users of EuroConverter Service will know immediately the exchange rates from Euros to Portuguese Escudos and vice-versa.

Calls made in Telecel Network to EuroConverter Service will be free until September 30th 1999. After this date, calls will be charged at 20 PTE per minute (including VAT). This service is also available in calls made from operators in other national networks.