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Telecel's "netcetera" offers innovative features to access the Net and its Portuguese portal

Telecel announced the launch of its Internet business and presented today, to the media, its services to access the Net (IP) and a Portuguese portal, as well as the main marketing and communication guidelines and new products versions.

Aiming to become one of the main Portuguese Internet Operators in Portugal and a reference in portals with Portuguese contents, Telecel launches “netc” (should be read “netcetera”), an offer based on an innovative concept of providing Internet services and a portal with Portuguese contents that intends to be the best portal to access the Net in our country.

Portal “netc” offer, available next June 18th, is differentiated by its quality contents as well as by its downloading speed and capacity – namely of software and entire books. The high-speed levels attained when browsing and downloading lighten Internet use and substantially reduce usage costs. The “netc” portal has a dedicated on-line news editorial staff, a Portuguese search engine, games, on-line dictionaries and multiple channels, such as news, weather, sports, leisure, travel, education, cars, training and job offers, environment, hobbies, etc.

Initial options. Telecel’s “netc” would be available next June 21st, in the “netc directo” and “netc e tal” options, both targeting the residential market. The “netc” service directed to the business segment – “netc grupo” – will be available next July. Both “netc directo” and “netc e tal” versions have no monthly fee, no prepaid amounts, no minimum consumption nor reloads. The Customer is only charged for his usage (“pay as you go”) at very attractive tariffs. The “netc e tal” option includes a high quality computer (Compaq Presario 5166), with the “netc” Internet access software already installed, allowing easy access to the Net and to Telecel’s portal.

Netc directo. Is very easy to install, using the CD-ROM provided at the point of sale. Allows usage control, local access in the entire country, one e-mail box, 5 Mb for a personal web hosting, access to games, news, IRC/Chat, and software mirrors.
The only initial cost is the price of the installation CD-ROM (2,950 PTE). The tariff for mobile Telecel Customers is 1.2 PTE per minute while for other Customers the 2.4 PTE per minute tariff is applicable. So, “netc” Customers are only charged for their usage (“pay as you go”) plus the price of a local call to the fixed network or the price of a mobile call if the access is made through Telecel’s network. These attractive tariffs coupled with the speed of searching and downloading, made possible by the introduced technologies, allow significant savings in the use of Internet.

Netc e tal. This option combines the “netc” service with a computer which already has the Internet access software installed (no need to purchase the CD-ROM), with 4 e-mail addresses, buttons for easy access to the Net and to (portal) and other “netc directo” services. The computer is a Compaq Presario 5166, Micro Tower 333 MHz, with 32Mb of RAM, 15″ monitor, 4.0 GB HDD, 32x CD-ROM, 56 kbps modem, 8Mb 2D/3D 64 bit graphic boards, and JBL speakers.
The purchase price of “netc e tal” is 49,990 PTE plus 36 instalments of 4,990 PTE including 5 hours of Net access per month. Telecel invoices additional usage at the “netc directo” rates. The quality and accessibility of this offer (“netc” service and Compaq PC) will certainly contribute for the increase of PC’s penetration in the residential market in Portugal.

Netc grupo. Available next July and targets the professional and business segments. It has an activation fee and a monthly fee, allows 8 simultaneous users, 8 e-mail addresses, private domain, fax termination, among other services. The activation fee is 9,945 PTE (includes 20 hours) and the monthly fee 5,850 PTE for Telecel mobile Customers, and 6,950 PTE for other Customers. In both cases the monthly fee includes 20 hours of use free of charge. Additional usage is priced at 280 PTE per hour.

IP Network. High performance network developed together with Cisco, Sun and Compaq providing local access in the entire country. Mobile access options through Telecel’s network (Ericsson server).

Distribution. “netc” products will be available in all Telecel points of sale. New distribution channels were created: computer stores and direct sale of advertising at portal.
The “netc” service features coupled with a clear and stimulating communication and creative and useful packages to distribute the service (similarly to what had happened with the materialisation of the cellular service through the “Telecel Service Box”), will certainly contribute to the development of the Internet market in Portugal.

Future. Telecel will develop further its new Internet Service Provider business. New prepaid services with subscription targeting the residential users and several new services directed to Companies would soon be available. In what concerns contents, new services will also be developed in the “netc” portal

Telecel believes in the growth potential of the Portuguese Internet market, which currently presents low penetration and competition levels. Telecel is well positioned to become the main development engine of this market, taking advantage of the acquired internal competencies and synergies: strategy, new products and marketing know-how, communication technologies and information systems, network quality and capacity, sales and distribution, brand image and wide Customer base.

All prices include VAT