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Telecel Cellular Broadcast Service displays Weather Forecast

Telecel Cellular Broadcast Service, allowing to receive free of charge, different types of information including local information in the display of cellular telephones, has since wednesday, July 21, a new channel for information about weather forecast.

Using channel 40 – Weather Forecast – the Customer can obtain information about weather conditions including clouds, wind and temperature, concerning the area where the Customer is.

Telecel is the only portuguese operator providing Cellular Broadcast Service, with information for delimited geographical areas, allowing to customise its content according to the area where the Customer is. If a Customer is, for example, in Faro, and is looking for a pharmacy opened 24 hours, he will get the information requested by accessing the suitable channel of Cellular Broadcast Service.

With the new channel for Weather Forecast Cellular Broadcast Service will have 10 channels of free information. Namely: Totobola and Totoloto (channel 13), sports newspapers headlines and football results (channel 14), headlines of some daily newspapers (channel 15), as well as information about pharmacies opened 24 hours (channel 24) and telephone numbers of the closest hospitals (channel 20), advising and support services (channel 21), taxis (channel 34) and gas stations working 24 hours (channel 36), information about Private Vacation Houses (channel 44) and Weather Forecast (channel 40).

To access this service Customer only need to have an equipment supporting cellular broadcast, enable service in the telephone menus and select the desired channel.