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Telecel applies for Fixed Wireless Access

Lisbon, 27 August 1999 – On August 23, 1999, Telecel presented its application for a license to operate fixed communications using Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). In addition to the fixed service, FWA allows, through larger bandwidth, data transmission and high speed Internet access, videoconferencing, among other services.

Through this initiative, Telecel aims to broaden its offer in an area susceptible to encounter great development in the near future. In fact, Telecel considers that the services enabled by FWA, which are complementary to the ones already offered by the company, respond to specific needs for larger content and bandwidth and allow the creation of competitive offers for the present fixed line users.

Telecel puts a strong importance in this technology, as a way of continuing to satisfy an ever-larger array of global communication needs of Customers. It benefits from the experience and competencies acquired since the beginning of Telecel’s activity, as well as from multiple synergies in telecommunication infrastructures, computer systems, marketing and services’ innovation, customer care and a broad nation-wide distribution network.

Telecel will invest over PTE 20 billion (EUR 99.8 million) in the project. This amount does not include investments, already undertaken by the company, in switching capacity or billing invoicing systems, which will be used in this project. Investments in base stations will also be substantially reduced, due to the synergies with the GSM business. Telecel will use as much as possible the infrastructure of more than 1000 GSM base stations, the installed transmission capacity (more than 3000 circuits rented from Portugal Telecom), as well as its microwave network, which presently covers the Algarve area.

Telecel will propose a tariff structure to its Fixed Wireless Access Customers that will allow them not only the service by service access (voice, data and dedicated lines), but also the acquisition of global telecommunication packages. It will offer innovating cost control systems that will allow customers to rationalise their monthly telecommunication budget.

The use of FWA will allow a wider offer of services, some of which will be presented for the first time. Telecel is convinced that, with the introduction of this technology, a new and important step will be taken in the development of communications in Portugal, not only in terms of the quality and diversity of the offer, but also concerning prices.