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Press Releases

Short Messaging Service becomes available to all Telecel Customers

Telecel announces that from the 1st October 1999, its Short Message Service (SMS) will be made available to all Telecel Customers.

Currently, the SMS service is only available to those on the Regular Tariff Plans. Now Vitamina Customers will be able to send written messages, with a maximum of 160 characters per message, to other Telecel Customers and to International networks. Vitamina Customers will also be able to use other value added Telecel services such as TeleMultibanco via SMS, Reuters Telecel, Mail@Telecel, messages to faxes or to Telechamada pagers.

The Telecel SMS service will also be available to all Customers outside Portugal under Telecel’s international roaming agreements.

Each message sent by Vitamina Customers will be charged at a standard rate of PTE 24. Messages sent whilst roaming will be charged according to the tariffs set by the international operator, plus the standard cost of PTE 24. Vitamina Customers will be billed, by decreasing the SIM card balance, either after 10 messages has been sent or 15 days after the first message has been sent.

To use the Short Message Service, the Customer has to insert the current number for Telecel’s Message Centre: 351 931 770077 in the handset. From the 31st October onwards, following the introduction of the National Numbering Plan, the Message Centre number will be changed to 351 91 1616161.

All prices include VAT