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SSM, Telecel and Terràvista sign Agreement for Internet Access

The Secretary of State for the Media (SSM), Telecel and Terràvista have signed a co-operation agreement, which will enable easier access to the Internet for the Media, in particular for journalists. The agreement, which will be signed at 4pm today in Palácio Foz, will also enable radio broadcasting through the Internet.

With this agreement, the SSM, Telecel and Terràvista, intend to develop a project, called “Projecto Gentes e Lugares”, which is aimed at promoting Portuguese content and stimulating access and utilisation of the Internet by the Media.

This project will offer adequate training and provide the necessary platform for the Media, particularly journalists, to use the Internet as a working tool. It will also enhance the Media’s presence on the Internet, via web hosting and audio signal broadcast. Radio stations will also be able to use “streaming audio” technology.

Through this agreement, Telecel will give free Internet accessing to the Media (excluding the standard cost of a phone call). All registered journalists will be given equal access opportunities to that of Telecel GSM Customers.

At the same time, Telecel and SSM will sign another agreement, incorporated within the SSM incentives, to allow local and regional Media to access national mobile telecommunications networks. Within this agreement, Telecel will be implementing special offers for using its network and in acquiring its handsets.