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Telecel granted Fixed Telephony License

Today, at ICP headquarters, Telecel was granted a license to provide fixed telephony services by the Portuguese communications regulatory body ICP, as a result of the full liberalisation of the communication services in Portugal. From the 1st January 2000, Telecel will use the carrier code 1091 for indirect access purposes.

Developing its strategy of expanding and diversifying its offer to Customers, on the 23rd August, Telecel applied for a license to operate fixed communications using Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). In addition, in the first half of the year, Telecel launched its mobile/fixed integrated communications solutions for the corporate and residential markets. Also in the first half of the year, it launched its Internet services as an access and contents provider, more recently becoming the first Portuguese operator to widely offer free access to the Internet.

For Telecel, the license to provide fixed telephony services is a step further in its strategy of satisfying Customers’ communication needs, regardless of the technological supports used. Telecel will exploit the experience and competencies it has acquired since its beginning, capitalising upon the multiple synergies within its telecommunications infrastructures, as well as its information systems, innovative marketing and services skills, and its Customer support and country wide distribution network.

Thus, Telecel maintains its market positioning as the main Telecommunications operator in Portugal, excluding the incumbent operator.