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Telecel launches “netc fri” – Free access to the Internet

On 20th September, Telecel will launch “Netc fri”, a new product offering access to the Internet. This new service will allow free access to the Internet through the fixed telephone network, with the Customer only being charged the cost of the local call. All existing “netc” Customers can benefit from this new service until the end of 1999. From that date on, “Netc fri” will only be available to Telecel mobile Customers.

Telecel is also upgrading its “Netc directo” service which will now offer 4 mailboxes (previously just 1 mailbox), as well as the existing 5MB of space for personal web hosting, usage control and tariffs of 1 PTE per minute, for Telecel mobile Customers, and 2.10 PTE, for other Customers. “Netc fri” will offer Customers 1 mailbox.

After two and a half months of commercial activity, “Netc” already has approximately 15 thousand Customers. This figure is representative of those Customers who have maintained usage of the service following registration.

With the launch of “Netc fri”, Telecel has become the first Portuguese operator to widely offer free access to the Internet. Telecel intends to remain at the forefront of this market, through innovation, thereby maintaining its reputation for quality and its position as one of the leading Internet Service Providers in Portugal.

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