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Telecel's Indirect Fixed Access above estimation

Monday 3rd January 2000 was the first full working day since Telecel launched its “1091” service. “1091” is Telecel’s indirect access fixed line prefix. The service received thousands of calls – far above what was initially estimated. The initial feedback was that there was a significant level of registrations and first time callers and these were not only by Telecel GSM and “netc” Customers but also by the general public.

Telecel’s indirect access offer is highly competitive, namely, during off-peak times (7 pm to 8 am) and at the weekend and holidays, in other words when private calls are at their peak.

During off-peak times residential Customers can make national calls from their fixed phone at 9.10 PTE per minute which is the lowest tariff in the market. To make the comparison of the savings on Telecel’s “1091” service, a three minute call would be charged at a 50% discount to national calls made after 7pm on a weekday and on calls throughout the weekend, compared with the call charges of Portugal Telecom, Portugal’s incumbent operator.

Telecel’s “1091” also offers a single tariff for national calls to business Customers at 18 PTE per minute. This is a reduction of 30% compared with the last table of tariffs released by Portugal Telecom, for weekday calls between 9am and 9pm.

Telecel’s indirect access fixed service “1091”, called “toq” for residential Customers and “Nexifix” for business Customers, first became operational at 00:00 on 1st January 2000. Mr. Luis Nazaré, President of Portugal Communications Institute (ICP), made the first institutional and symbolic call one hour later.

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