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Telecel Campaign in Madeira: Tariffs over 40% lower than competitors

Telecel today begins the Madeira Telecel Campaign, offering the lowest tariffs on the market for all national calls from Madeira and launching the new Vitamina Madeira and Combi Madeira products.

Designed specifically for the Madeira market, the new Madeira Tariff Plan is both simple and economical. Telecel customers can now make national calls at any time for 30 PTE (EUR 0.15) per minute during the week and 20 PTE (EUR 0.10) per minute at the weekend, both to mobile and fixed networks. National calls made outside Madeira will cost 60 PTE (EUR 0.30) per minute, regardless of the time or the day of the week. These tariffs correspond to savings over 40% when compared with competitors equivalent products for a standard usage type.

Two new products specially created for this market will also be launched as part of this campaign. The Vitamina Madeira, with the Nokia 3210, will be sold for 19,900 PTE (EUR 99.26), including 3,000 PTE (EUR 14.96) of airtime and a bonus of 3,000 PTE (EUR 14.96) in the first four payments equal to or more than 6,000 PTE (EUR 29.93). The second new product is the Combi Madeira, which will also have the Nokia 3210, priced at 5,000 PTE (EUR 24.94) and with the same value of calls included. The Combi Madeira has a minimum monthly consumption of calls of 2,000 PTE (EUR 9.98) and a Telecel network contract for 18 months.

Note: Values include VAT.