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Telecel presents the Cellular Location Service for companies

Telecel is today launching the Cellular Location Service, which enables GSM telephones to be geographically located. This tool has been designed for the business segment enabling the location of Telecel cellular telephones belonging to the subscribing companies.

The main benefits of this new service are lower costs and higher flexibility in relation to the traditional GPS (Global Positioning System) locating system, enabling location to be ascertained in places that the satellite cannot reach, such as inside buildings and densely wooded zones.

The considerable savings of this solution in comparison to GPS will enable the majority of companies to improve the service provided to their customers. Aimed specifically at the cargo and passenger transport market, distribution and delivery companies, logistics operators and technical assistance services, the Cellular Location Service functions through specific software loaded onto a SIM card.

Location in real time is obtained upon request through a written message on the telephone screen, indicating the council, parish and postcode of the GSM antenna where the cellular telephone is located.

Telecel provides an optional complementary application to the service – compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000 – which enables the position obtained as well as the route taken to be visualised on a digital map.

To activate the service, companies intending to subscribe need only request a SIM card that incorporates this technology. This service is available in Telecel tariff plans for the business segment and each request is charged at the price of a written message.

Confidentiality of the service is guaranteed. Users define, through the cellular telephone menus, who they want to be able to locate. The service can also be easily deactivated at any time. Finally, a sound giving notice or even a request of location confirmation for each request made by authorised personnel can also be activated.

Telecel, taking advantage of the high technological capacity of its network and its experience in the development of solutions based on the SIM card, has developed this service in its entirety.

Location services are especially significant today for cellular operators and will be an important feature of third generation services (UMTS). There are no known solutions similar to that being presented today. Once again Telecel is the pioneer in the introduction of an innovative service on the national and international market.