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Quinta-Feira, 12 de Outubro de 2000

TelecelOnline launches "Casquides"

Children’s portal in Portuguese

Tomorrow, 13 October, TelecelOnline launches the “Casquides” portal – a Portuguese Internet portal aimed exclusively at children, and combining fun with a strong educational element.

The new portal, at, has a gallery of animal characters – the “Casquides” – each with its own personality and mannerisms. The characters help children to navigate around the portal and stimulate users to identify with the virtual world.

Each of the eleven channels has a virtual animal as its symbol, building on children’s interest in animals. The channels suggest different activities: Internet searches; cartoons; games; a mini-encyclopaedia; favourite music, jokes, sites, books and puzzles; and virtual chat rooms, in addition to specials such as interviews, offers and tests.

Another feature of “Casquides” is information on animals threatened with extinction and the chance to adopt abandoned animals.

“TelecelOnline has developed Casquides”, Telecel’s recently established Internet company, with an eye to the younger generation and their interaction with new technology, especially the Internet. In this way, Telecel is making a further contribution to the development of the information society in Portugal, and aims to stimulate children’s and young people’s interest in and familiarity with this new world. The launch campaign will continue until the end of the year.