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Telecel signs Direct Fixed Access agreements with Young & Rubicam and Unicre

Lisbon, 6 November 2000 – Unicre and Young & Rubicam are two of the companies who have chosen Telecel as their fixed network provider, subscribing its Fixed Direct Access service. Their choice was based on the high quality and low cost of the advanced technological solutions offered by Telecel, which presents itself as the alternative to the incumbent fixed network operator.

Using the Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology, Telecel is able to offer a fixed network with voice, data and Internet services as well as leased circuits. This Telecel service is aimed at the business segment, delivered through a global broadband telecommunications package which is now available in Lisbon and Oporto, and which is being extended to other district capitals.

Telecel’s investment in Fixed Wireless Access technology over the 15 years of its licence will exceed 20 billion escudos (100 million euros). This spending is exclusively on fixed access and does not include the switching capacity, transmission networks and invoicing systems that will be used for the service.

Telecel strongly believes that this innovative means of direct access is instrumental in satisfying the ever-larger array of global communications requirements of its Customers, regardless of the technological supports used.