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Telecel to give 10,000,000 escudos to charity this Christmas

Lisbon, 17 November 2000 – Once again this year, Telecel will be helping to make Christmas better for the less fortunate. As part of the company’s Christmas promotion, every new Telecel customer will be able to participate in its charitable work by nominating a charity for a donation of up to 10,000,000 escudos from Telecel.

Five charities operating in Portugal and abroad, all acclaimed for their work with the disadvantaged have been selected to take part in the initiative. They are Abraço – the Support Association for People with HIV/Aids; AMI – International Medical Assistance; Amorama – the Association of Parents and Friends of the Severely Handicapped; Associação Sol – the Support Association for Children Infected with the Aids Virus and their Families; and UNICEF – the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Every customer who buys a Telecel product will fill in a slip naming the charity to which he or she would like Telecel to send a donation. Instead of the five charities named above, the customer will be able to nominate a different charity that he or she thinks deserves support, which will benefit provided it receives at least 1% of customer nominations.

The size of the donations to be received by the charities will be decided by sharing out the total sum of 10,000,000 escudos in line with the number of nominations made by Telecel customers.

The campaign will run from 17 November to 31 December. The donations will be handed over during January.