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Press Releases

Telecel Vodafone in 2001

From January next year, Telecel will associate its own brand with the ‘Vodafone’ brand, thus reflecting the company’s relationship with the world’s largest mobile communications group.

The same process will simultaneously take place, in an initial phase, with operators in six other countries: D2 Vodafone in Germany; Libertel Vodafone in the Netherlands; Omnitel Vodafone in Italy; Europolitan Vodafone in Sweden; Panafon Vodafone in Greece; and ClickGSM Vodafone in Egypt. 2001 will be a year of transition aiming to establish the biggest and best global mobile telecommunications brand in 2002, paving the way for a future of convergence and advantages brought about by of a global scale service.

It should be noted that Vodafone Group Plc, with a market capitalisation of about 270 billion euros, is currently one of the ten largest companies in the World. The new relationship with the group presents several advantages, namely to Telecel customers. They will have faster access to technological innovations and more consistent international services, benefiting from the advantages of a large global brand, recognised throughout the world and providing services to more than 65 million customers spread over 25 countries of the five continents.