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Quinta-Feira, 10 de Fevereiro de2000

Brisa, Oni and Telecel sign an Agreement for the joint construction and utilisation of Telecommunications infrastructures

Joint Corporate Announcement

BRISA, ONI and TELECEL have signed a Co-operation Agreement to undertake, in a short period of time, a project for the construction, utilisation, management and rental of telecommunications infrastructures (carrier of carriers) aiming at the optimisation of each company’s infrastructure.

BRISA is the concessionaire of the biggest highway network in Portugal and connects all the main urban centres. Its private network along the highways holds an important set of telecommunications infrastructures.

ONI has a wide public telecommunications network and is composed of many radio-electric and physical transmission channels, and includes the usage and exploration rights of the EDP and GDP infrastructures.

TELECEL, besides being one of the biggest capacity consumers in Portugal, also holds a wide public telecommunications network composed of a series of physical and radio-electric transmission means.

With this agreement, BRISA, ONI and TELECEL will benefit from each of their respective capacities and resources which together will result in a telecommunications network that should become a significant alternative in supplying high quality transmission capacity, therefore contributing to the Country’s development in terms of the Information Society.