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Press Releases

Telecel Supplies Web Tracking Reports for the "Netc" Portal

With effect from January, Telecel has been using a new audit service on its “netc” portal which produces accurate statistics on the number of visits and the number of page views in the portal.

The audit service is called “Nielsen I/PRO I/AUDIT” and certifies the following information: statistics about visits and page views, activity reports by hour and day of the week, number of international accesses and a list of the most visited areas on the portal.

The audit reports give a valuable insight into understanding the real use of “netc” portal. These reports will also be sent monthly to advertising and media agencies.

Telecel uses I/PRO to deliver this service. I/PRO has worked in Internet audit services since 1994. One of I/PRO’s partners in the United States is Nielsen, which gives an additional guarantee of its credibility and quality.

Telecel through “netc” will also be offering a new management advertising system which uses Accipiter Admanager 4.0 software, supplied by Engage Technologies. This system will manage all the advertising in the portal supplying real time reports that will improve the service offered to the advertisers and advertising agencies.

By using these systems Telecel is able to supply information and consequently give guarantees to advertisers. The figures confirm both the reliability of the site and also the reports give feedback on the size of potential audiences. It still allows the usual segmentations to be defined (hour, day, domain, URL, browser, operative system, etc.) and all the different types of on-line advertising (ShockWave, Flash, Enliven and others) will still be available.