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Terça-Feira, 28 de Março de 2000

Telecel launches Nexinet

Internet access for companies

Telecel is launching tomorrow two new products for Internet access. The NexiNet Com and the NexiNet Line belong to the Nexis family of products that Telecel has designed for the business market.

The NexiNet Com is aimed at companies who wish connected their information systems through a dial up connection, with fixed IP addresses. It is available in two versions: with 80 hours per month or with unlimited access time. Both versions are available with 64Kbps or with 128Kbps.

The NexiNet Line was conceived for companies with specific need for a permanent connection to the Internet though a dedicated line. The NexiNet Line is available in several options of broadband, starting at 64Kbps up to 2Mbps, with no utilisation limit and with backup through a RDIS network.

NexiNet Com and NexiNet Line have private domains such as “”, “” or “” and allow the utilisation by an undetermined number of users simultaneously. The two products offer several options of electronic mail management as well as web hosting of up to 20Mb for NexiNet Com or up to 30Mb for NexiNet Line.

Both NexiNet products offer direct connection to the Internet via mail servers and information hosting servers that companies may have integrated within their information systems network.

With these two new products, Telecel now offers a complete portfolio of Internet access services. The Nexis products, aimed at business market, provide a comprehensive range of solutions for cellular network, fixed network, data transmission and access to the Internet, which are tailored to companies communication needs.